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Carol Marley

A hearty hello, from Caroline Marley!

It’s amazing to me, yet true:  I began teaching at Montclaire School during the autumn of 1988, which means I’ve had the great privilege of being a part of the Montclaire community for nearly 30 years!  During that time, I’ve had the pleasure of coming to know and love literally thousands of students and their families.  Here at my home-away-from-home, I’ve taught third through sixth grades, but I’ve spent the last several years experiencing the enormous joys and unique challenges of being a fourth grade teacher.  This school year I look forward to working with a wonderful group of fourth graders!

 As the parents of these students will surely come to realize, these years represent periods of remarkable growth!  It’s a time when our students develop into more independent learners.  They also adjust to working in larger groups, and they explore, within their studies, more complex themes and topics.  This year, your children’s repertoire of math skills will expand enormously, and their writing will become more detailed, descriptive, and refined.  To better understand the world around them, in their science studies, they will observe, experiment, and reflect.  Furthermore, Room 19 students will look back in time to learn local history, as well as the history of our great state, and they will envision their place within its bright future. Together, we will embark on fun, fabulous field trips, and we will bring those real world experiences back into the classroom to enhance our learning.  And, finally, when June comes around, we will look back, with laughter and gratitude, over a year filled with hard work, great growth, and so many warm memories.

 So, let the journey begin!