After School Sports

  • The after-school sports program is open to all students and offers a wide variety of team and individual sports. Please see the Valley Athletic League website for calendars, schedules, and sports offerings. Tryout dates and information for each sport is communicated to students through daily announcements and locker room postings.

    No-Cut Sports

    The no-cut sports include cross country, wrestling, and track & field; all are coed sports.  A tryout form is not needed because all interested students may join the team.

    Parents must enroll their child through before a student can participate in these sports.

    Tryout Sports

    All of the other after-school sports offered through the Valley Athletic League (softball, volleyball, basketball and soccer) require a tryout.  Parents must fill out a CUSD tryout form through before a student can participate in tryouts. Tryouts will begin on the first day of the season for that sport (or the next school day).  Typically, tryouts will last 1-3 days, with the team announced by the end of the first week. Students and parents should be aware that not all students who try out will be selected for a team.

    Once a child is selected for the team by the coach, parents must enroll their child through before a student can participate in practice.


    Practices will be held once the season begins, Monday through Thursday, on non-game/meet days.  Practices begin at 3PM and typically will end at 5PM or earlier. Students are expected to attend practices.  Playing time may be affected by missing practices. Coaches will communicate a practice schedule once the season begins.  


    Students are expected to attend a majority of the meets/games for their sport.  The schedule for competitions can be found on the VAL site. If you know your child will be missing practices and/or games, have your child talk to the coach prior to enrolling for the team to make sure the coach will allow the missed time.


    When you enroll your child, you will be asked to donate to the sports program.  These donations keep the program running, which includes paying coaches and umpires, as well as purchasing equipment and uniforms for the players.  All of the money collected goes directly back to the players and their experience. Thank you for your support!