General Information - Student Transportation Program

  • Bus for Fee update:

    We apologize for the delay in information regarding the bus for fee program in the District for the 2019-2020 school year. (not related to Special Education routes)  In most years, families would be submitting for the lottery in March; however, we are currently analyzing and evaluating the program.   The District offers a fee for service transportation program only for students who attend De Vargas Elementary School, Eisenhower Elementary School, Montclaire Elementary School, Stevens Creek Elementary School,  and Cupertino Middle School.  CUSD has been reviewing and analyzing the fiscal impacts of all programs offered and will be presenting specific information to the Board related to the cost to run the program and the current ridership.   
    We anticipate being able to provide additional information to our families by the middle of April.  
    Thank you for your patience
    If you have additional questions, please email BUSFORFEE@CUSDK8.ORG

    FEES FOR TRANSPORTATION 2018-2019     

    Annual Round Trip $1,000                                 

    Half-Year Round Trip $500                                 

    Annual One-Way $500                                       

    Half-Year One-Way $250

    FEES FOR TRANSPORTATION 2019-2020     

    Annual Round Trip $1,228

    Half-Year Round Trip $614

    Annual One-Way $614

    Half-Year One-Way $307                               


    Click here for new Transportation Application 2018-2019


    The District provides safe transportation for the following students:

    • Students in Special Education -
      • To report your student's absence for the day, please contact Transportation at (408) 252-3000 ext. 61386 or ext. 61389 
      • To submit your Transportation Request form or make changes to the pick-up/drop-off location, please contact Pupil Services at (408) 252-300 ext. 61130
      • Note: Transportation must be documented in a student's Individualized Education Program (IEP) 
    • Limited fee-based transportation to these four elementary schools only for neighborhood students residing on the opposite side of a major thoroughfare - De Vargas, Eisenhower, Montclaire, and Stevens Creek.  (See list of qualified residence addresses under Fee-Based Transportation-Elementary content tab.)
    • Limited fee-based transportation for students who live in the Stocklmeir Elementary School attendance area and attend Cupertino Middle School.  (See list of qualified residence addresses under Transportation for Cupertino Middle School content tab.)  This service is offered as an effort to eliminate traffic in and around CMS.
    • District Field Trips
    • Field Trips for Outside Entities  


    Free or Reduced-Fee Transportation:  The transportation program follows the same guidelines as the free/reduced-fee meal program administered by the District's Student Nutrition Services Department (SNS).  For qualified students, the price of a bus pass may be free or offered at a 25% discount.  Students must apply on a yearly basis.  Click here to view the informational flyer for free/reduced-fee bus passes.  For more information or to apply, please visit the SNS website (click hereor visit the SNS office at the District Operations Center, 10301 Vista Drive in Cupertino.  Office hours are Monday to Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  


    Click for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


    For information or concerns not addressed by visiting the District website, please email   Parents may also call the CMS Bus Information Line at (408) 252-3000 x61-470, or the Bus Information Line for DeVargas, Eisenhower, Montclaire and Stevens Creek at x61-469 where information is updated throughout the school year.


    Please note the application process, transportation options, bus stops and pricing for the limited fee-based transportation program for De Vargas, Montclaire, Eisenhower, Stevens Creek and Cupertino Middle schools are subject to change.  For transportation options outside of the District, families may contact the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) at or call 408-321-2300/800-894-9908.