Inter-District Transfer

  • The Inter-District Transfer process applies to those parents who want their child(ren) to attend school in a district other than that in which they reside. All Inter-District requests must be initiated in the District of residence. Inter-District transfers are valid for one year only and must be renewed annually. An approved Inter-District agreement must be in effect between the district of residence and the school district of desired attendance before a student can attend the desired school. 


    Timeline and Requirements



    Approved Inter-District Transfer (IDT) Requests may be submitted to the Cupertino Union School District (CUSD) via a Google form link that will be posted on this website for the subsequent school year as follows:

    • The first Monday of May and will remain open through the last day of May each calendar year.
    • This Window (the month of May) will be referred to as the IDT Priority Window.
    • Families who apply during the IDT Priority Window will be entered into a lottery.
    • Following the IDT Priority Window, beginning June 14, 2021 families will be able to add their students to the waitlist on a first-come-first-serve basis. Please CLICK HERE to add your child to the existing waitlist.


    Please note the bolded Requirements have been updated/changed due to the current Shelter-in-Place mandate by the State of California

    If your primary residence is not within the district (and you have no intention of moving within the district), you may submit a copy of your home district’s approved IDT Request form. 

    • Provide CUSD with an approved IDT form from your district of residence. The approved IDT is not due prior to applying.
    • The “school requested” question on your approved IDT form may be left blank.
    • IDT does not apply to the CUSD Alternative School Programs. 
    • Students approved through the IDT process will be required to provide an approved IDT from one’s district of residence on a yearly basis--before July 1 of the subsequent school year. Failure to meet this timeline will result in a denial of the request.

    ✓IDT Lottery will be held the first week of June each calendar year.

    ✓IDT Lottery results will be mailed during the third week of June each calendar year. These results may be emailed, please fill out the Google form with your PRIMARY email address. We are not be able to provide status of a pending application. Notifications will be sent in writing once a decision has been made. 

    ✓Families may be placed on an active waitlist until adequate space becomes available at a CUSD school site.

    ✓As adequate space becomes available, CUSD Staff will contact families to offer a space.

    • Upon acceptance, if the child is on an IDT waitlist for another school site, the child will be removed from all other waitlists.
    • If offered a space or multiple spaces and the family chooses not to accept any spaces offered, and is interested in another school, the family must reapply through the IDT process for specific school choices.

    If an Inter-District transfer is denied, the parent/guardian may appeal the district's denial of a transfer application to the Superintendent by filing a written request of appeal with the Superintendent or designee within 10 working days of the receipt of the written notification of denial. The Superintendent shall notify the parent/guardian of his/her decision on the appeal within 10 working days of receiving the appeal. Parents/guardians may appeal the decision of the Superintendent to the County Board of Education within 30 days of receiving notice of the Superintendent's decision pursuant to Education Code section 46601. (Education Code 46601)

    The Cupertino Union School District reserves the right to deny transfer requests or release students for the following reasons: lack of facilities either district-wide or in a requested school, attendance area or program, scholarship, citizenship, attendance, or behavior.

    An approved  IDT may be revoked or rescinded at a later date by CUSD if: 

    • there is insufficient classroom space in the requested school and/or grade level;
    • there is excessive truancy, tardiness or late pick-ups;
    • Students do not have satisfactory attendance, citizenship and/or scholarship; 
    • parent/guardian(s) provide false information in making a transfer request.

    No student currently residing within a school's attendance area shall be displaced by another student transferring from outside the attendance area or by a student requesting an IDT.

    Board Policy and Regulation 5117 related to the District's Inter-District Transfer process are found on Board Docs at

Last Modified on July 1, 2021