Absence Reporting

  • If your child will be absent or late for school, it is your responsibility to call the 24-hour Attendance Line at 253-2850 ext. 6 with the following:

    • Student’s name, spelling the last name.
    • Teacher’s name or room number.
    • Date(s) of absence/tardy.
    • Reason for absence/tardy/ nature of illness.
    • Homework request by 10 AM, if any, and will be ready after 3 PM.

    While it is courteous to inform the teacher, your child’s absence can only be verified if you call it in to the Attendance Line. Any absence that is not called in is marked as unexcused.

    If you will be taking your child out early for a doctor's appointment, please notify your child's teacher (24 hours in advance is preferred) so they can have the homework prepared.