After School Programs

  • After School Programs at Lawson Middle School



    Monday through Thursday
    3:05 to 4:00 pm
    Lawson Library

    All Lawson students are welcome to attend Homework Club Monday through Thursday from 3:00 to 4:00 pm in the Lawson Library. Students may attend every day, one day per week, once a month, or only as it fits in their schedules. Students must be in the library by 3:10 and may not leave before 4:00 unless a parent/guardian comes to the library and signs the student out. Homework Club is supervised by a Lawson Teacher every afternoon, but there is not enough staff to provide tutoring to any single student. Books, computers and fellowship with other Lawson students are available.

    There is no Homework Club on Fridays. Homework Club begins after Labor Day and ends the third week in May every year.


    TEEN CENTER HANG OUT...pilot program

    October 18 & 25
    3:00 to 6:00 pm
    Fitness Room

    The City of Cupertino’s Recreation Department and Lawson Middle School will be piloting a Teen Center drop-in program where LMS students can go to the Fitness Room after school to socialize and participate in recreation activities with Recreation Leaders.  City staff will be bringing a variety of mobile recreation options and leading participants in different activities.  The LMS Teen Center drop-in program will be piloted on the following 2 dates: Thursday, October 18th and Thursday, October 25th from 3pm - 6pm.  This program will be exclusive to Lawson Middle School students and the pilot will currently will be free.  Families who sign-up will be asked about their experience after the pilot to evaluate a full, year-round launch of the program in the near future. 

    To participate in the pilot:

    1. Fully complete the Registration Form and read all information carefully.  Incomplete forms will not be accepted. 
    2. Have your student bring the registration form to the Lawson front office.  We will be closing registration at 4pm on Wednesday, October 17th.  This pilot program is currently limited to 50 students.

    The drop-in format of the program will allow students to check themselves in AND out of the program.  Students must check-out with staff before leaving the program.

    For additional questions, please contact City of Cupertino Recreation Coordinator, Daniel Mestizo at or 408-777-3134



    Lawson participates in the Valley Athletic League's after school sports program. Our teams compete against teams from other middle schools and junior high schools in the district and surrounding area. Some sports require try-outs and students must be selected to participate. Other sports are non-cut meaning all students may participate - these are marked with an asterisk below. Parent's must enroll a student in each sport before the student will be allowed to try-out or participate.

    Sports are offered in a series of five seasons:

       Season 1 (September/October): Cross Country*, Volleyball/Boys, Softball/Girls

       Season 2 (October/November): Wrestling*/B&G, Volleyball/G

       Season 3 (December/January): Soccer/B, Basketball/G

       Season 4 (February/March):  Soccer/G, Volleyball/B

       Season 5 (April/May): Track*, Tennis, Golf

    After-School Sports meet Monday through Thursday for either practice or games. No sports meet on Fridays.

    Students and parents will be emailed information about tryouts and registration for every season. Every Physical Fitness teacher will talk about upcoming sports in PF classes, and there is a Sports Segment every day during the Daily Announcements.


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