Traffic Management Plan

  • Faria Traffic Management Plan


    Traffic Management at Arrival
    Parents are strongly encouraged to come early, park in the neighborhood and walk their children in to school.  This is so helpful in reducing the number of cars using the drive through.  Please use the unmarked curb space in the neighborhood, or the 30-minute parking spaces marked by signs on Scofield Drive (between Barbara Lane and Western Drive); Bonny Drive (between Scofield Drive and Pepper Tree Lane); and Pepper Tree Lane (between S. Stelling Road and Barbara Lane).

    Staff supervision begins at 8:15 a.m. on the playground, according to the required contracted duty day for our teachers.  However, parents may come onto the campus early and wait, directly supervising their children until the 8:15 a.m. bell rings.

    We have an incredible team of parents who come out rain or shine to assist in the parking lot and to help walkers to cross the street.  However, more parent volunteers are needed.  Volunteers could assist walkers to cross at all crosswalks leading to school; assist students getting out of cars; and keep the traffic flowing in our parking lot.  Please contact the school office if you can help us in the mornings (or afternoons).

    Parking Lot Exit
    The City of Cupertino has painted two red zones on either side of the parking lot exit to improve visibility, thus reducing the time for cars to exit both to the right and to the left out of the school parking lot. Other options for increasing efficiency of traffic flow are being pursued by the city and our school district.

    Traffic Management Procedures at Dismissals
    Again, parents are strongly encouraged to come early, park in the neighborhood (see above) and wait at the picnic tables at the front of the school for their children. 

    In Kindergarten, students will be dismissed from the gates on each end of the Kindergarten play area. Parents and carpools will need to make arrangements to pick students up from the gate. Kindergarten parents will not be allowed to pick up students in the drive through.

    In grades 1-5, parents will be required to post color-coded name/room number cards for vehicle dashboards / visors which will be sent home the first day of school.  The vanpool drivers for childcare agencies and after school programs will need to come to the school office at the beginning of the year to be issued vanpool permits for their dashboards/visors.

    In grades 1-5, students will be seated on the sidewalk to wait for their vehicles. Their first names and room numbers will be announced by a staff member over our public announcement system when their vehicles arrive. Please look for the color-coded name/room number cards (duplicate set provided) and detailed procedures which will go home with your children on the first day of school.