Absence Reporting / Illness / Independent Study

  • Absence Reporting

    Your child's absence must be called in each day the child is absent from school, for any reason, unless you have notified the school office beforehand.

    To call in an absence, please call the school office at 408-245-3312, and press 6 to report the absence. 

    Please speak slowly and clearly. Leave your child's date(s) of absence, first and last name, room number or teacher, reason for absence, and the relationship of the person calling in the absence. 


    If your child is absent due to illness, please be specific when reporting the symptom(s), for example fever, stomach ache, sore throat, etc.

    If your child will be out for any reason other than illness, i.e., vacation, bereavement, court appearance, passport or visa application, religious holiday, please report the reason.

    Please refer to the District Attendance Policy for more information about policies and regulations concerning student attendance during the school year.

  • Illness

    Please do not send a child who is ill to school for any reason, including taking a test or returning/picking up homework. Longer absences may be prevented if parents keep their children home at the first sign of illness. Students are encouraged to always bring a physician's note when possible, if an appointment interfers with any part of a school day. If a student is out ill for 5 days or more, a doctor's note will be required before the student returns to school. After 7 or more non-consecutive absences due to illness during the school year, a doctor's note is required to verify the illness. Please reference the District Attendance Policies for more details.

    Please note the following guidelines for keeping students at home due to illness, as per CUSD Administrative Regulation 5113, Absences and Excuses:

    A child may not be in school when he or she is ill and experiencing one or more of the following symptoms:

    1. Nausea or vomiting (must remain at home until free of symptoms for 24 hours)
    2. Diarrhea (must remain at home until free of symptoms for 24 hours)
    3. A temperature of 100 degrees F or higher (must remain at home until he/she has a normal 98.6 F degree temperature for 24 hours without the use of a fever reducer such as Tylenol)
    4. Conjunctivitis - pink eye
    5. Undiagnosed rash (rashes must be verified by your doctor that they are non-contagious before the child may return to school; a note is needed)

  • Independent Study Contracts

    Short-term Independent Study is a minimum of 5 consecutive school days and a maximum of 10 consecutive school days. A student must be enrolled for 3 consecutive weeks before an Independent Study contract can be initiated. Parents may request a Short-Term Independent Study provided the student will return to school at least five (5) days prior to the first day of the Spring Assessment Window for Stevens Creek. Such absences are unexcused unless it is prearranged and a Short-Term Independent Study contract has been approved by the school.

    Please note: Short-Term Independent Study contracts will not be approved during the 2018-19 Spring Assessment Window for Stevens Creek (regardless of the student's grade level), which runs from Monday April 1, 2019 through to the end of the school year.

    To initiate an Independent Study contract for your child, please come to the school office 2 weeks (10 school days) before your date of departure. The day before your child leaves for their trip, the office will give them a packet of work to complete while they are gone. If the work is not turned in on the day your child is due back, all of the days they missed are recorded as unexcused absences and may result in you and your child being called in for a Student Attendance Review Board meeting. If your child does not return to school on the day you indicated, the contract is null and void. A child may not be absent more than 10 consecutive days and will be dropped from the school register on day 11. Please refer to the District Attendance Policy for more information about Short-Term Independent Study during Travel.