Absence Reporting

  • Absence Reporting:

    Please inform the school before 9:00am each day a student will be absent using one of these options:

    • Filling out this Google Form
    • Sending an email to: office_cupertino@cusdk8.org
    • Calling our Absence Reporting line: 408.245.0303 option 6
    • Please do not use this form if your student is leaving school early or leaving and returning to school.

    Leaving school during the day

    Students should come to the office before the school day begins with a written note from a parent explaining the reason for leaving school early or in the middle of the day for an appointment.  The office will issue a "Permit to Leave."  This saves many interruptions both in the office and in the classroom.  Students must sign out in the office before they leave campus and sign back in upon return with doctor's verification.  Your cooperation is appreciated.  Upon returning to school, students must report to the office and sign in to receive an Admit To Class slip.  Students are not permitted to leave school grounds at any time during the school day without the permission of the school office.  Students who fail to follow the proper procedure will be considered truant.

    Arriving Late

    Students arriving late to school, for any reason, must report to the office for and Admit to Class slip.  If a student arrives late due to a medical/dental appointmtent, a doctor's note is required to be considered excused.


    All absences are either excused or unexcused.  Excused absences are only those related to illness, injury, funerals, court appearances by the student, or necessary visits to physicians, dentists, or optometrists.  All other absences are legally defined as unexcused.


    Students are expected to reach out to their teachers to make-up all work missed during an excused absence. Students absent for one to three days should check teachers’ websites for assignments and make an effort to meet with their teachers when they return to school.  Teachers are not obligated to accept make-up work from an unexcused absence.  Students absent due to illness for more than three days may request homework through the school office on the fourth day of absence or later.  Parents must call the office before 9:00am and the homework may be picked up between 3:00-4:00pm. Students who will be absent for five to ten days must contact the office for an Independent Study Contract.  Parents and student must come into the office and sign the Independent Study Contract ten school days prior to leaving.


    When a student has had seven cumulative days of absence during the course of the school year for illness, or three consecutive days of absence due to illness, a physician must verify any further absence for illness.  Home teaching is available during prolonged illness or convalescence.  Students who are absent for more than ten consecutive days for any reason will be withdrawn from school.  When the student returns, if space is available at CMS, they will be reinstated.  If no space is available, the student will be assigned to another school in the district.


    Interruptions due to tardy arrivals represent a loss of valuable teaching and learning time.  All tardies are considered unexcused unless accompanied by a note from the office or another teacher excusing the tardy.  Consequences for tardies are as follows:

    • 1 tardy: Student will receive a warning
    • 2 or more tardies: Student may be assigned a school consequence
    • 3 or more tardies: Student will be considered Truant (Education Code 48260) for the third tardy. 


    An interruption due to a delay represents a loss of teaching and learning time. All delays are unexcused unless accompanied by a note from the office or another teacher and are accumulated each semester.  Consequences for delays are as follows:

    Referral to the district office for more than ten delays.


    Parents will be notified when a student has missed one or more classes or leaves campus without an acceptable excuse.  When a student is declared truant, teachers are not obligated to assign make-up work, school consequences will be assigned, and extra-curricular activities may be suspended.  Additional steps will be taken if the problem persists.


    Families are requested to notify the attendance secretary at least one week before an expected withdrawal.  Students will follow their regular schedule on their final day and have each teacher sign a Transfer Out sheet.  At the same time, students will return all schoolbooks.  Final clearance must be made with the attendance secretary during seventh period.  A forwarding address, withzip code, must be left with the office. 


    Students who have an unexcused absence on the first day of school in August will be dropped from the school roster (vacations are unexcused).  If space is available at the school when the student returns, the student will be reinstated.  If no space is available, the student will be assigned to another school in the district where space is available.  If the student is ill, parents must notify the school of the absence and provide documentation from a doctor.


    Attendance on the last day of school is not mandatory to maintain current placement for the next school year. If the student leaves before the grade completion date for the school year and has the intention of returning for the next school year, the student will stay on the active roster through the end of the school year. The First Day of School Attendance Policy will still be in place.  If the student is ill, parents must notify the school of the absence and provide documentation from a doctor. 


    Students who are excessively absent, delayed, tardy or truant may be referred to the School Attendance Review Board.