• Regnart Parking Lot


    Student safety is always our highest priority. These rules were established to ensure the safety of our students. Help make Regnart a safe environment for all of our students and families. Please see that all passengers are wearing a seat belt.

    As you enter the parking lot there are two lanes. The right hand lane directs you either  to the day care parking lot or to the loading and unloading zone. The left hand lane directs you to the parking spaces or through the lot and back out again. Please demonstrate courteous driving and patience. Do not use the left hand lane to skip ahead and cut in front of cars in the loading/unloading zone. You want to be a good role model for your children.

    The yellow curb is only for loading and unloading students. The driver may not leave the car at any time. Signs stating "No Parking at Any Time" are posted. Kindergarten parents picking up their students may not park along the curb and get out of the car. The lane is to be free of parked cars at all times for access by emergency vehicles and school buses. 

    There is no stopping, no loading or unloading of passengers at anytime in the red curb zones.

    When dropping off or picking up a student you must pull up along the curb as far as possible. 

    Morning: When you enter the parking lot, make sure everyone is prepared. Pull your car forward as far as possible in the unloading lane next to the curb. Make sure your children have all their gear ready. Unload all of your children from the right hand side so children may step onto the sidewalk and not the driveway where other cars pass by. To create a smooth flow of traffic and to prevent delays, please do not sit in the car and watch your child walk to his/her classroom. Instead, park your car in the parking lot or along the street and walk your child to the classroom.

    Dismissal Time: Students are instructed to sit by the tree and watch for their car. When you enter the parking lot, pull up as far as possible. Your child may enter the car when you have pulled up as far as you can go. Students may not cross into the street to get into a car that is double parked or not against the curb. Please remind your children to face the parking lot and look for the car picking them up.
    Do not use the handicapped parking spaces for stopping or unloading of passengers.
    Parents who walk their children to and from a parked car must use the crosswalks and children must walk with their parents.
    Everyone is expected to cooperate with, be polite to, and support the parking lot volunteer parents and staff.

    Never exceed 5 miles per hour in our parking lot.