5th Grade Expectations

  • Incoming 5th Grader Expectations


    Especially because 5th graders will be going to Science Camp and Angel Island, they must be self-sufficient in the following areas:


    • Can take care of personal hygiene
    • bathe/shower themselves on a daily basis
    • use deodorant/shampoo/toothpaste on a daily basis


    • Can complete homework nightly with little adult supervision


    • Can use the assignment book to check homework nightly


    • Can pack and bring their own lunch (if not purchasing from school)


    • Can pack and carry their own daypack to and from school each day


    • Can monitor any on-going medical needs and dietary restrictions


    • Can take and bring from home: notes, forms, Friday folder


    • Write neatly in cursive


    • Cover their mouth to sneeze or cough


    • Use a tissue for their nose


    • Tie their own shoelaces (not double bunny ears!)