Parking and Traffic

  • Parking and Drop Off Map 

    Help us with traffic and parking around Lincoln
    Traffic and parking is tight around Lincoln, especially in the mornings and on Tuesday afternoons when all grades are dismissed at 2:00 p.m. Historically, the roads and homes around Lincoln were designed close together when cars were used sparingly and kids walked or took a bus to school (see history). Today 85% of children are driven to school, but we have no room to accommodate so many cars all at once. In addition, we have Monta Vista High School next door and Kennedy Middle School nearby adding to the congestion. When driving your child to school, we encourage carpooling or parking at a nearby street and walking your child in. For parents who can do so, we also encourage walking or biking to school with your child.

    Parking at Lincoln
    Due to renovations at our site, the Front Parking Lot parking spaces are for staff only.  Please park in the City Streets (below) that does required parking permits.

    City Streets can be used for a MAXIMUM of 30 minutes without a permit, specifically Imperial Avenue and Orange Avenue. If you park longer than 30 minutes then you are required to get a permit from the school. Park so you do not block driveways and please use the crosswalks for the safety of you and your child.

    The Back Parking Lot, the Bus Circle, and ALL other numbered parking spaces are reserved for staff only. You may be ticketed or towed if you park in these spaces.

    Kindergarten Drop Off and Pick Up

    • Please drop off and pick up your student at the classroom door.
    • Students may not be dropped off before 8:15AM.
    • If you plan to drive to school, you will need to park in the front lot (if space is available) or park on the side streets and walk in.
    • Traffic around Lincoln School is very congested in the mornings and afternoons so please plan to leave early enough to allow for traffic delays.

    Please remember, do not park in any of the numbered parking spaces at any time - these spots are for staff only.

    Grade 1 - 5 Student Drop Off and Pick Up
    You may park on Orange Avenue or Imperial Avenue and walk your child into school, or you may use the Drop Off and Pick Up "loading zone" available in the front parking lot. The loading zone is often congested with cars and queue times can be long, especially in the morning, so plan your driving accordingly.

    Student Valet Service: Each morning in the front unloading zone, Lincoln provides a valet service to improve safety. As cars pull up to unload, student volunteers in orange vests will open your car door and assist your children out of the car. Drivers, please stay in your car and let the valet do all the work. This will expedite unloading and get you on your way quickly.

    Rules for the loading/unloading zones to avoid traffic citations and tie-ups, and to improve safety:

    • NEVER leave your car unattended in the loading zone. It will delay traffic dramatically.
    • Watch for pedestrians.  NEVER use distracting devices (even wireless speaker phones) during drop-off or pick-up.
    • USE ONLY THE MARKED CURBS for loading and unloading students (in the front parking lot.)
    • PULL FORWARD in the loading zone before stopping to load or unload passengers.
    • BE RESPECTFUL of other drivers by staying in your lane of traffic and wait for your turn.
    • CHILDREN SHOULD HAVE BELONGINGS HANDY so they can quickly be dropped off or picked up.
    • NEVER ASK YOUR CHILD TO WALK BETWEEN VEHICLES. An adult or student valet in an orange vest will help them reach their car.
    • Above all, tell yourself to BE PATIENT for just a few minutes. Good habits will increase safety in this very congested area.

    Parking Permit Map Required