Volunteer Fingerprinting & TB Testing Information

  • Who Needs to be Fingerprinted and TB Tested?
    Per CUSD, volunteers who will be directly serving or interacting with students without certificated staff present must be fingerprinted and TB tested, specifically:

    • Those who will serve regularly during the entire school year, and/or could be outside the presence of certificated staff with students (even for a short time) before, during, or after the school day. Examples:
      • Field trip chaperones
      • Lunch duty volunteers
      • Weekly classroom support volunteers
      • Parent/community coaches
      • Enrichment providers
      • Tutors
      • Computer lab and performing arts assistants
      • Cheerleading/dance instructors/advisors
    • Those who will be driving individual autos on field trips.
    • Those who will be accompanying students on overnight field trips.
    • Those who serve at recurring special events, such as dances, competitions, drama and music productions during a season.
    • Parents who regularly eat with his/her student at a lunch table during the lunch break

    Where Can I Get Fingerprinted?
    You can get fingerprinted at these locations:

    The UPS Store #4636 (Contracted Fingerprinting Vendor for CUSD) 
    2784 Homestead Road
    Santa Clara, CA  95051
    Tel: 408-247-4010
    Email: store4636@gmail.com

    The UPS Store #4636 is open 7 days a week, and their hours are listed on their website.
    Cost is $32 payable directly to The UPS Store #4636.

    The UPS Store #4636 is independently owned and operated, and CUSD's agreement is with this location only. Other UPS Stores do fingerprinting, but the cost at a different UPS Store will be higher.

    Additional Fingerprinting Options
    You may book an appointment get Live Scan fingerprinting done at the sheriff's office (cost: $52) or another Live Scan fingerprinting vendor of your choice, as long as they are able to transmit their results to CUSD (cost: $49-52 average). Please see CUSD's School Volunteer Information and Requirements for more details.

    What Do I Need to Bring?

    • One completed copy of the "Request for Live Scan Service" form provided by CUSD
    • A valid (non-expired) photo identification. Expired or photocopied identification will not be accepted. Acceptable forms of identification are:
      • Driver's License
      • State Identification Card
      • Military I.D. Card
      • Alien Registration Card/Green Card Picture ID
      • Passport
    • A payment method accepted by your fingerprinting vendor (generally cash or check). The cost at The UPS Store #4636 is $32. If you're getting fingerprinted elsewhere, the price will likely be higher.

    How Often Do I Need to do This? 
    Only once for your family's time at CUSD. If you were fingerprinted at one of MPTO’s onsite sessions in the past, you do not need to get fingerprinted again. 

    Why is this so much more expensive than getting fingerprinted for my child's soccer team (scouts, baseball, youth group, etc.)?
    Non-profit organizations are eligible to waive a $32 portion of the fee. Unfortunately school districts are not eligible for this fee waiver. CUSD has arranged the lowest rate possible with The UPS Store #4636 and is subsidizing part of the cost.

    I’ve already been fingerprinted for my (scouts, youth sports team, another school district, professional license, etc.). Why can’t you just use my record from that?
    Unfortunately the State of California will not transfer these records between organizations, schools, professional boards, etc. CUSD is only able to receive the results of the background check performed specifically for CUSD.

    How do I get TB tested?
    Montclaire does not offer on-site TB testing. Please contact your health care provider to arrange TB testing, and bring the results to the Montclaire front office. If you’ve had a negative TB test in the last 4 years, please bring your results to the front office.

    How quickly does this need to happen?
    Turnaround time from the CA Department of Justice can be as long as 6 weeks. Our principal, Mrs. Kinnaman, has confirmed that anyone who is fingerprinted onsite at Montclaire in the beginning of the school year is approved to immediately serve lunch duty or other classroom positions as requested by teachers. Mrs. Kinnaman and the teachers will ensure that all CUSD requirements are met for a certificated staff member to be present until the reports come back from the DOJ.

    Whom can I contact with any questions?
    Please direct your questions to Donna Howe-Clements, MPTO President.