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  • I am so excited that you are checking out everything that we have to offer when it comes to great reading, fun information, and online resources. If you would like to contact me, Mrs. Yrastorza

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  • What is OverDrive? It is access to thousands of online books available to Faria students! Every student can checkout eBooks and read them on their computer, smart phone, tablet, or iPad. Start using OverDrive today. Take advantage of these useful TIPS to help you navigate the OverDrive web site.

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  • The Faria Library is open from 9:30 a.m. until 3:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Classes come during their scheduled half hour each week and enjoy story or literature time, as well as book checkout time.

    Student borrowing policies are as follows:
    Kindergarten - 1 book for 1 week                                  
    1st through 4th grades - 2 books for two weeks             
    5th grade - 3 books for two weeks                            

    All Grades - 2 books for 2 weeks
    NOTE: eBooks cannot be checked out if there is an overdue on the account.

    Fines and Fees:
    There are no fines for Overdue books, however, they should always be returned on time. If a book is Overdue for too long, checkout privileges may be temporarily suspended. If a book is lost or damaged, then it must be paid for in full. Replacing the book itself is not an option.