•                                                         Garden Gate School Site Council


                                                                            2:45-4:00 pm

                                                               Location: Conference Room


    Call the Meeting to Order

    -Meeting called to order 2:46

    - Approval of Minutes from 11/7


    New Business:

    • CUSD25 “We are in it together”
      • CUSD (Strategy to increasing On-Going Revenue)
    • Phase II: Strategic Plan
      • Town Hall Meetings

    Notes: BAC focus on ongoing revenue

    2/25 -Superintendent to roll of asking families to help out with $25 a month. Monies to be spread out among the district, equaling out the playing field.

    2/13-Superintendent will visit GG to spread the message

    Portrait of a Graduate - students were interviewed,

    Town Hall meetings to continue to build portrait. Mr. Nuno will help facilitate

    2/26 6-7 - Lawson Middle School


    Chair Report


    Notes: 12/12 Reviewed test data. Goal  to reduce gap 3-5% for subgroups, some met goals, some did not. Discussed ELD, reviewed rubrics, “How much is your school reflecting your culture?” Explore possibility of using multicultural population to represent our ELD students. Next meeting 3/13


    Principal Report:

    • Review SPSA Goals Click Here
    • Share CAASPP Data (Grades 3-5) CAASPP 2018
    • CUSD25 “We are in it together” Click Here to View
      • CUSD Budget Share Out
      • CUSD’s next steps with producing on-going revenue to the district.

    For Review-

    SPSA Goals and Data- Click to View PPT.

    Notes: Reviewed goals/data to drive next steps

    ELA - comparing students &  increased proficiency

    -Data showed increase in all areas

    -Focus on balancing the increase among all groups

    -Look at successful instructional practice/strategies

    -How can we support all students and balance inequity?

    -Drive down into the instructional steps  to the individual student

    Math Goal- Communicating Reasoning:

    - Increase in meeting/exceeding, decrease in students  near standard

    -Support ELLS with intentionality across all areas

    Next Steps-bridge : build  common core listening & speaking skills

    Looking at Culture /Climate to reduce conflict on campus with the implementation of our House System-

    -Tracking  increase/decreases

    -Minor/Major  infraction forms are now used in a different ways

    -Focus on data.  Looking at different supports: positive approaches, and consequences for choices made , building pieces with social emotional/ Restorative Justice.

    Looking at trends to plan next steps for students and supports toward accountability

    Support ELLS with intentionality across all areas- update goals involve SSC for review

    CST model


    Open Items:

    • Tech Challenge Program (updates)
    • Coffee with the Principal; Feb. 13th

    Notes: 13 groups for Tech Challenge- 18 parent advisors, 50 students,

    March 30th Tech Museum-Mock Tech Challenge at Garden Gate

    Discussed Student House Council meeting

    Positive/Powerful process

    Discussed passing of Ms. Wolf and ways parents can pay respects


    Adjournment: 4:04

    Meeting Adjourned

    • Next Meeting - 4/10
    • Action Items: SIPSA/Safety Plan