Student Support Services

  • Welcome to Student Support Services and Special Education

    The Cupertino Union School District staff is committed to providing students with an environment that ensures learning and leads to overall academic, behavioral, and social/emotion success.  All students are provided with a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE).

    Student Support Services

    The Student Support Services Department is an important component within the Educational Services Department of the Cupertino Union School District.  Programs and services managed by the Student Support Services Department include: 

    • Special Education
    • School Psychologist Services
    • School Nurse and Health Related Programs/Services
    • Suspension/expulsion procedures
    • Student Attendance Review Board (SARB) procedures
    • Maintenance of pupil records
    • Before/after school student care partnership programs
    • Home/Hospital instruction
    • Counseling programs in partnership with non-profit community based organizations


    California Healthy Kids Survey

    The California Healthy Kids Survey (CHKS) is an anonymous, confidential survey of school climate and safety, student wellness, and youth resiliency. The survey is anonymous and only administered to 5th and 7th-grade students. No  identifying information is connected to the answers except for the name of the school. Parents will receive electronic consent forms starting in December, and schools will be administering the survey during January or February 2020. Your school's principal will inform families when the survey will be adminsitered at your school.



    Special Education

    • Is a specially designed instruction plan, at no cost to the parent/guardian, that meets the unique needs of a student per federal regulations
    • Is an individualized education plan for eligible children with special needs
    • Includes all related services to meet the unique learning needs of the child, such as speech therapy or occupational therapy
    • Considers the student’s unique learning needs and arranges the learning opportunities necessary for each child
    • Provides the support and services required and monitors progress so that no student with special needs is overlooked

    The Cupertino Union School District is a member of the Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA) II.  SELPA II maintains a Community Advisory Committee (CAC) to provide support and information to parents.  The CAC is comprised of parents, educators and community members who provide input to the school districts that comprise SELPA II. Additional information regarding the CAC is available at

    Additional information regarding SELPA II and the Santa Clara County Office of Education is available at