Playground Rules


    To help students be Safe, Responsible, and Respectful on the black top, play structures and grass/field areas; please follow the Playground Rules so that it will be safe and fun for everyone. These are a list of general rules; others may be added, as needed.


    1. I will stay in designated areas under staff supervision at all times.
      1. Areas behind the portables and behind the track are out of bounds.
      2. Students are not to be in the hallway, labs, library or classrooms unless supervised by a staff member
      3. No playing in front of the school.
    2. I will display courtesy and good sportsmanship.
    3. I will allow all fellow students to join in organized games and activities.
    4. I will play at the assigned areas for different grade levels.
    5. I will use the bathrooms appropriately.
    6. I will not throw any objects, except balls or assigned P.E. equipment
    7. I will play kicking ball games only on the grass, not on the blacktop unless directed by the coach or teacher.
    8. I will play chase games only on the grass.
    9. I will play with only school assigned equipment.
    10. I will leave my own equipment at home and not bring it to school.
    11. I will use appropriate language and not name-call or swear.
    12. I will only slide down the slide one person at a time. (No climbing up)
    13. I will keep my hands and feet to myself to keep everyone safe.
    14. If I am involved in a conflict or see a conflict that could involve physical aggression, I will get the assistance from the yard duty immediately.
    15. If I am involved in a minor disagreement, I may request the assistance of the Peace Patrol to help solve the problem.
    16. I will not cut in line or allow other students to cut.
    17. I will not climb trees, fences, or the building structures.
    18. I will report behavior that is unsafe or hurtful to others.
    19. I will return any playground equipment back to class after recess
    20. I will walk on the black top, unless participating in game (ie basketball).
    21. I will run on the grass.


    1. Keeps hands and feet to yourself.
    2. Share all equipment; take turns.
    3. Use equipment safely.
      1. You may only go down the slide feet first. Do not go up the slide.
      2. Only go to the top of the slide when the child has reached the bottom.
      3. Do not swing or tie things with the jump ropes.
      4. Do not touch anyone who is on the bars.
      5. Do not take hands or feet off the bars at anytime.
    1. Do not throw any equipment against classroom walls.