Community Advisory Committee

  • 1/4/18 Update:

    The District would like to send a special thank you to all the members of the Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) who provided valuable input, guidance, and recommendations to the Superintendent regarding District enrollment trends.   The committee has met the purpose for which it was created, and the suggestions are being looked into by the District to determine a timeline and viability of implementing actions proposed by the committee.  The Board and District staff will continue to work together to identify next steps.  In the meantime, all stakeholder groups will receive survey questions to help guide phase two of this work, which will ultimately lead to the implementation of various actions to address any adverse impact resulting from present and projected enrollment shifts.  As always, we welcome your input.  (Please use the "Ask Dr. Baker" to submit any questions)

    The Community Advisory Committee (CAC) on Enrollment is a Superintendent's Committee that will provide recommendations to the Cupertino Union School District on possible enrollment solutions to address the impacts of declining enrollment, particularly in the southern area of the District.  The CAC was created to include stakeholders (parents, staff and community members).  The meetings will be facilitated by Manny Barbara, Vice President, Silicon Valley Education Foundation and Michael Sato, co-facilitator.

    Watch this video about the CAC (5:29)

Members of the Committee

  • Parent Members
    Anne Butterworth, Nimitz and Lawson Middle
    Jamie Chan, Blue Hills and Miller Middle
    Susan Chan, Regnart
    Venkata Chalamayya Chintada, Garden Gate and Lawson Middle
    Alan Fong, Meyerholz (CLIP)
    Ann Hatcher, McAuliffe
    Diana Johnson, Muir
    Jennifer Leder, Dilworth
    Mohamed Mostafa, Eisenhower and Hyde Middle
    Sonali Paggaonkar, Regnart
    Angelina Pearce, Miller Middle
    Yatin Prayag, Muir
    Kavitha Raghunathan, Blue Hills and Cupertino Middle
    Reem Rizvi, Eaton
    Ginny Sikri, Dilworth and Miller Middle
    Vish Singh, Lincoln and Kennedy Middle
    Akhilesh Srivastava, Dilworth and Miller Middle
    Thien Vu, Meyerholz (CLIP and Neighborhood)

    Community Members At Large
    Karen Hoss
    Srivastan Kasturi

    District Employees

    Mary Ann Cunningham, Stocklmeir 
    Ronaele Fijak, Transportation
    Susan Gauthier, Dilworth
    Melissa Hickman, Blue Hills
    Kerstin Johnson, Dilworth
    Crista Leamons, Instruction
    Sally Lehrman, Lawson Middle
    Chia-ching Lin, Meyerholz
    Suzanne Matheny, Eisenhower
    Stacy McAfee, Human Resources
    Denise Menon, Regnart
    Connie Rowe, Murdock-Portal
    Norma Salas, Muir
    Maria Schinella, Maintenance and Operations


CAC Input Form