Summary of Communications Channels

  • This document contains all the information you need to take advantage of the various communications channels at Montclaire to promote your event.


    Friday Bulletin Information targeted to school-wide audience with upcoming deadline
    School Website Information targeted to school-wide audience; can easily include links to online content
    Friday Folder Flyers School-wide audience - one flyer per event only!
    Banners General event advertising posted in select locations around the school

    MPTO Facebook Group

    Good when a quick response is needed, can include photos, informal, community-driven
    Bulletin Boards Another creative way to promote your message at school
    School Calendar All events and deadlines should be on the calendar
    Sandwich Boards Good for advertising same-day deadline or event
    Registration Tables Best in conjunction with an event or to display physical items
    Email to New Families Useful during first few weeks of school before new families are on all the official (Edline) mailing lists
    External PR Good for events of interest to the community at large