Summer Reading


    Search these sites for good books to read!

    The books on these lists come highly recommended by kid readers from all over the country.

    Click on: Winners.  California Young Reader Medal Program encourages the young people of our state to read and enjoy what they read with good books.

    Click on: Awards    Click on: Eureka Award Recipients

    The California Reads  “EUREKA!" awards for best in nonfiction books.

    Click on: Reviews   Click on: Books and then click on: Age of Reader

    For family sensitive book, movie and web site reviews.

    Click on: Find Books.  The Children’s Book Council is a non-profit, national trade organization specializing in excellence in reading materials for children. 

    We reference the Science and Social Studies lists every year.

    Bookopolis is an online community for young readers to share favorite books and discover new ones.

    Click on: For Book Lovers. Go here for all the nationally recognized reading lists.

    Find your Lexile range (reading skill level), select your interests and find books you’d like to read at your reading level.

    Wondering what book is next in a series?   Go to this well maintained site from the UK for the answer.  Search by Author to see all the books written by your favorite, given in chronological order.


    Visit your Public Library for the fun programs they have every Summer.