Business Services Division

  • Akur Varadarajan, Interim Chief Business Officer

    • Tel: (408) 252-3000 x61-323
    • Tina Bernal, Administrative Assistant, Business Services, x61-423

    The Business Services Division oversees the departments listed below as well as the Measure A Parcel Tax and the Measure H Bond Program.  Please contact the Business Services Division for all financial/budget information and any insurance, accident or facility concerns.

    For all financial reports, presentations and agendas, please visit the District website under District Information.  



    For a deeper understanding of funding for Cupertino Union School District, please view the Budget Road Show which was presented at all schools in September & October 2020. 

Business Services Departments

  • Facility Modernization
    This department oversees architectural services, construction and bid information, new construction and modernization projects, construction project accounting, and interim housing.

    Fiscal Services
    This department is responsible for maintaining and recording the District’s daily financial transactions.  It generates the District's interim budget reports and year-end annual financial report that provide information regarding the District’s financial operations, and ensures compliance with Federal, state and local regulations, California Education Codes, and District policies and procedures.

    The Fiscal Services Department is comprised of nine business functions that support the District’s instructional goals and daily financial activities:  budgetary oversight, general accounting, accounts payable/receivable, cash management/reconciliation, parcel tax exemptions, For-Fee Transportation Program, and student attendance.

    Information Technology

    Maintenance, Operations, Transportation (MOT) including Property Office
    This department oversees the following areas: Maintenance and Grounds, Operations, Transportation, Fleet and Equipment Maintenance, and Property Management.  It formulates the District's disaster preparedness plans and chairs the District's Safety Committee.  To view the Transportation Safety Plan, click here.

    • Jason Bocanegra, Manager, Maintenance and Grounds Operations  x61-366 
    • Sherry Christian, Manager, Bus Transportation, Fleet and Eq't Maintenance  x61-384   

    The mission of this department is three-fold:  (1) To ensure that the goods and services necessary for the District's operations are obtained at competitive prices; (2) To guarantee fairness in the selection of vendors and to put more tax dollars into education while providing the savings, service, and solutions supporting the achievements and success of every student and teacher in the District; and (3) To obtain goods, services, and construction for public purposes according to laws and procedures intended to provide for the economical expenditures of public funds. 

    Student Nutrition Services
    The department is a team of approximately 55 food and nutrition professionals dedicated to students' health, well-being and ability to learn.  SNS supports learning by promoting habits for lifelong nutrition practices and operates under the National School Lunch and Breakfast Programs, utilizing revenues received from local, state and federal sources.  All schools offer a variety of food items in order to meet the needs of all students.



FAX Nos.

  • Fac. Modernization (408) 865-0326
    IT (408) 873-0838
    MOT (408) 865-0326
    Property Office (408) 973-0264
    Purchasing (408) 865-0148
    Student Nutrition (408) 252-7628
    Transportation (408) 255-6920