• How Does BHEF Raise Funds?

    • Our BHEF Showcase for the 2018/19 school year will be Thursday, December 13th, from 5pm-8pm. All families are invited to attend. You'll be able to see all the fantastic programs BHEF sponsors and students being active participants and performers!
    • We requested a per student donation of $550 (if this does not fit your budget, we gladly accept any donation).
    • Corporate Matching Donations—please check with your HR department to find out if your company matches educational contributions. We will gladly provide a donation receipt if requested. 
    • We organize the annual Selling Table and Silent Auction in the spring where you can bid on great items such as parties, local goods and services. Please feel free to donate that you feel would be a great item!
    • We also raise funds through Amazon Smile and BHEF Dine-Out events.
    • The holiday fair is a fun money raising event for all. Look for details about this wonderful activity!


    What Does BHEF Fund?  BHEF funds the following staff positions
    • Technology Specialist on site
    • Music Instructor for grades K-3
    • Classroom Instructional Assistance for all grades K-5
    • Arts Program K-5
    • STEAM initiative K-5

    How is BHEF Different than PTA? 

    • BHEF and PTA are different. BHEF funds instructors and staff, provides training and major expense items the school and students need.  That’s what BHEF provides. You might remember the PTA function from your own school days. Then, extra parent support was all the school needed. Today, California public schools need much more. BHEF...always working towards your child's educational excellence!


    What is BHEF's Tax Id Number?

    • 77-0496116