Summary of Communications Channels

  • This document contains all the information you need to take advantage of the various communications channels at Montclaire to promote your event.


    Friday Bulletin Information targeted to school-wide audience with upcoming deadline
    School Website Information targeted to school-wide audience; can easily include links to online content
    Friday Folder Flyers School-wide audience - one flyer per event only!
    Banners General event advertising posted in select locations around the school

    MPTO Facebook Group

    Good when a quick response is needed, can include photos, informal, community-driven
    Bulletin Boards Another creative way to promote your message at school
    School Calendar All events and deadlines should be on the calendar
    Sandwich Boards Good for advertising same-day deadline or event
    Registration Tables Best in conjunction with an event or to display physical items
    Email to New Families Useful during first few weeks of school before new families are on all the official (Edline) mailing lists
    External PR Good for events of interest to the community at large

Friday Bulletin

    • Our primary channel of communication with Montclaire parents
    • Emailed to all parents every Friday
    • Every other week a Principal’s Message is included at the top of the Friday Bulletin (district requirement)
    • MPTO blurbs appear after the school news, ordered by date/priority
    • Bulletins are archived under Monte Newsletters


    • Submit your blurb online
    • Due: Wednesday at midnight for the following Friday
    • Blurbs can run beginning 3 weeks ahead of your event 


    • Non-profit organizations not connected with Montclaire may occasionally run blurbs in the Friday Bulletin, but they must first be approved by the school office. Submit them as usual, and, if approved, they will run in the school's section of the Friday Bulletin. (This option has historically been limited to only Girls on the Run and the Winter Coat drive.)
    • For-profit organizations may NOT run blurbs in the Friday Bulletin.


School Website

    • Updated at least weekly and driven by the Friday Bulletin emails and the MPTO calendar
    • Please do NOT register your own URLs/domains. We want our Edline site to be the primary source of information about Montclaire activities
    • Content can include small clip art or photo
    • Great for including a link to a flyer or a webpage for more information/registration etc.


    • Email if you need a page or other content for your event added to the school website. We can turn it around quickly!


Friday Folder Flyers

    • Of course we want to "go green," but sometimes a paper flyer may be the best way to ensure your message goes home with students
    • Great for events where you want participants to turn in a registration form
    • Remember that parents are busy; minimize the friction points to getting your message across:
      • For MPTO events, DO place the MPTO paw print logo on your flyer (get the logo here)
      • DON'T fold your paper, bury key dates in text, include extraneous decorations
      • DO use bright paper, big fonts, and focus on the call to action
      • DO include:
        • Date of event and / or due date
        • Pricing
        • Contact details: URLs / emails / phone numbers
        • Exactly what you want people to do!
      • DO feel free to contact if you'd like any help with your flyer
    • Include a PDF of your Friday Folder Flyer when submitting your blurb for the Friday Bulletin. We can post the PDF to the school website and link to it from the Friday Bulletin
    • Each event is allowed ONE flyer. Time it thoughtfully! Our experience has been that advertising too early isn't effective
    • Peachjar: As of March 2015, Peachjar is only for enrichment providers so flyers from one school cannot be sent out to other schools.
      • Schools and PTAs are not able to post on Peachjar yet.
      • Non-MPTO events can submit their flyer for inclusion in Peachjar mailings.
      • Peachjar cannot be used for one-time events.
      • Email Renee Smith at the District Office for more information


    • For all MPTO events, submit your flyer to by 5 pm Monday for inclusion in that week's Friday Folders
    • Flyers will be approved by the MPTO President and the school Principal. Approvals should happen on Tuesday so that you can begin making copies. Submitting earlier is encouraged too!
    • After approval, make copies and distribute them to teacher boxes
    • For MPTO events, you may use the photocopier in the back room. Ask your MPTO Board Member for the copy code
    • Class counts are posted by the large copier
    • Material must be in teacher boxes by Thursday at noon for distribution that Friday

MPTO Facebook Group

    • A self-service channel of communication that we will continue to promote this year
    • Open to current and former Montclaire parents and staff
    • Only group members may post and view posts
    • Great private way to post images
    • Very helpful for time-sensitive information dissemination


    • Go to 
    • Join the group, if you haven't done so already, then wait 1-2 days for approval
    • Once approved, you can post whenever!
    • Members receive notifications of all posts via Facebook (web and mobile)
    • Feel free to invite your Montclaire parent friends by email

Bulletin Boards

    • We have lots of space and are always looking for ways to fill it up with something visual!
    • Creative ideas are very welcome!


    • Campus Operations will be happy to brainstorm ideas with you! Email for more info
    • We will try to schedule an available board for you
    • Once the board is ready for you, you may use butcher paper and paint in the copy room to create your display. Do not use supplies marked "for teacher use only"
    • Remove your display once your event date passes

School Calendar

    • The calendar drives changes to the marquee and the school website home page
    • All relevant Bulletin blurbs with a date will be added to the school calendar
    • Email if you'd like your event or deadline added to the calendar

Sandwich Boards

    • Here are 2 sandwich boards: one is a white board and one uses chalk paint
    • The front office can help you find the boards and the appropriate markers


    • Talk to MPTO Communications or email to give a heads up if you want to do this
    • You may use the appropriate markers, butcher paper and paint in the copy room to decorate your sandwich boards. Talk to Kristin about what you have in mind! Do not use supplies marked "for teacher use only"
    • Take out sandwich boards anytime in the morning and please return them by 4 pm. Please do not leave the sandwich boards out overnight!

Registration Tables

    • A great way to talk to parents/students about your event and answer questions in person
    • Set up at a lunch table for registration before or after school
    • The kindergarten lunch tables are most visible


    • Talk to MPTO Communications or email to give me a heads up if you want to do this; just let us know where and which dates and times
    • Bring: a tablecloth, signs, flyers, and yourself! For events with multiple displays (such as at Back to School Night or Open House), please plan to bring your own card table!


Email to New Families

    • Early in the school year there may be some events we want to promote specifically to new families
    • Example: The Montclaire 5K, which returning families hear about in the spring. We like to send a special communication about it to new families in the fall


    • Forward your email to Kinder Playdate/Orientation Leads (for new K families) and Hospitality Leads (for new grade 1-5 familie

External PR

    • External PR includes publications such as the Los Altos Town Crier and Cupertino Courier, as well as neighborhood groups.
    • Good for events that are open to the community. The PR Chair, Debbie Crouse, has contact details for the schools editors of these papers as well as parents willing to forward messages to their local neighborhood groups
    • Good example events are anything that is school-wide such as WATSA, the Montclaire 5K, the Science Fair, or something that is unique and interesting such as iPads in the classroom


    • Please contact the PR Chair, Debbie Crouse, for assistance
    • Send photos of events that are closed to the outside community to Debbie, and she will submit to papers. Photo must be accompanied by names and permission to be published of any persons in the photo

Other Forms of Communications That You May See

  • Room Parent Emails

    • A weekly blurb that highlights short reminders of school-wide information events and deadlines along with class/grade specific news for the upcoming week only
    • Room parents send out these emails over the weekend (Monday at the latest) via their classroom distribution lists (Yahoo group, etc.)
    • The purpose of these emails is to give parents brief reminders about events coming up that week only
    • You do NOT need to do anything special for your event or deadline to be included here. Your event or deadline will automatically be included in these emails if it is coming up during that week


    • The marquee is changed every 1-3 weeks and includes high-priority upcoming events listed on the calendar
    • You do not NOT need to request your event go on the marquee if it's on the calendar
    • Some events like RSVP deadlines will usually not go on the marquee, because we always have more events than space to list them on the marquee!