Music Program

  • Primarily funded by MPTO, the goal of Montclaire's music program is to provide enrichment beyond the core curriculum to our students. SSC has determined that partnering with CSMA (Community School of Music and Art) to bring their experience music docents to Montclaire is the best way to accomplish this goal.  Our music instructors meet with students in Grades K-3* each week for ~ 30 minutes to provide instruction in areas such as simple music theory, rhythm, tempo, dynamics, etc.  Students learn to sing grade level appropriate songs and explore different kinds of instruments, composers and music history as a part of the curriculum each year.  As the progress, students in some grades work towards learning how to give a performance, with parents invited to music programs during the school year.  

    * Please note that our Grade 4-5 students receive the same music program from CSMA thanks to funding provided by CEEF (The Cupertino Education Endowment Foundation) each year.