Upper Grades (Gr. 4-5) TOSA

  • TOSAs (Teacher on Special Assignment) funded 100% by MPTO work with all grades at Montclaire to provide classroom size reduction and greater individual attention, special enrichment activities that complement classroom learning, as well as serving in a support role for students struggling to meet benchmark in their learning.  
    WE Time with TOSAs Mrs. Walker and Mrs. Erpenbeck (the WE team) is the special two hours per week that students in grades 4 and 5 spend in a half class pursuing topics like electromagnetism, nutrition, creative writing, and media awareness. One of the special WE projects for Grade 5 each year is “Trip USA,” in which students work in small teams to plan a trip from start to finish.  From planning visits to attractions of their choosing in multiple states across the country, to learning how to keep to a time and money budget, this kind of project based learning experience is an amazing part of the Montclaire experience. In Grade 4 students might participate in a series of interactive Common Sense Media lessons helping to shape responsible digital citizens at our school.  Classroom teachers appreciate that during WE time, they can work more closely with individual students in their half class to boost or master comprehension of specific topics.  Mrs. Walker and Mrs. Erpenbeck will also be supporting and working with students scoring below benchmark this year, providing additional assessment, attending IST meetings and working with the classroom teacher as an additional set of eyes on our kids who need that extra support.  
    Ask your kids what they’re working on with their TOSA this week!

Picture of Mrs. Clark