Instructional Aides

  • Your donations help to fund five aides at Montclaire who provide individual and small group instruction in every classroom. MPTO asked teachers to tell us more about their aides, and we were blown away by the enthusiasm that our teachers have for their aides, as well as the variety of projects our aides take on to keep Montclaire’s classrooms organized and running. By serving as an additional caring and trusted adult in the classroom, aides save our teachers time and help them do their jobs more effectively. Teachers told us their aides:

    • Provide individualized attention to students
    • Reinforce concepts with struggling learners
    • Check students’ work and correct papers
    • Create beautiful bulletin boards to enhance the learning environment
    • Attend to students when something unexpected comes up, like a bloody nose
    • Offer input to teachers about how to tailor lesson plans
    • Work with teachers to help students be their best every day!