Managing Graduated and Transferring Student Google Drive Data

  • Are you leaving Cupertino Union School District? Wish you had a way to hang on to all those years of hard work? Follow these directions to export your Google Drive data into a zip file.


    Graduated Students

    Graduated students have until September 1 of their graduating year to download data from Google Drive.  After September 1, student accounts will be suspended.  On January 1, student accounts will be deleted.

    Transferring Students

    Students who transfer out of the district will have their Google accounts suspended the day after they leave CUSD.  Accounts will be deleted at the end of that school year. 

    If your student requires access to their account after it has been suspended, email the information listed below to:

    • Parent email on record with CUSD
    • Student ID number
    • Home Phone number on record with CUSD

Export Your Data

  • How to Download Your Google Drive Data

    Google Takeout is a tool that allows you to archive and download your Google data as a zipped file on your computer. You can choose which products you want to include in your archive (e.g. Drive, Blogger, etc.). Please keep in mind that you should not keep anybody's personal information, including photos and videos, without the other person's permission.

    1. To begin backing up your Google Drive data, go to and follow the on-screen instructions. You can select to have the archive added to your Google Drive for download on your personal device. Or, if you have access to e-mail, you can have a download link e-mailed to you (note: the download link is good for 7 days).
    2. After you have downloaded your data to your computer, you can import it into another Google Apps account using these directions.

    Downloading Data from Other Applications

    Many applications have their own process for allowing you to download and maintain your own data. Contact the application owner for more information on how to download your information.