• Our annual PTA fundraising window this year is NOW through September 16!  Please support critical teachers and programs at Meyerholz by contributing the requested amount of $300 per student.



Donate to Meyerholz Elementary PTA

  • (1) Meyerholz Elementary PTA supports and funds programs for the entire school, including CLIP, Neighborhood, and Special Day Classes. 100% of the money we fundraise stays at Meyerholz. The requested amount is $300 per student.

    Your contributions directly fund 100% of the art and music instruction your child receives, as well as individual teacher endowments, Librarian, library hours, classroom technology, Science Fair, community events, and much more. Visit our Fundraising page to find out how and what the Meyerholz Elementary PTA funds.

    For 2021-2022, the overall estimated expenses is $200,000. We are expecting to fundraise approximately $175,000 through direct give and corporate match.

    Thank you for your contribution. While donating, please also remember that corporate matching can potentially double your contribution. As many companies conduct corporate matching differently, please contact your company representative for more information on how to corporate match. Donations to Meyerholz Elementary PTA, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, is tax-deductible. Meyerholz Elementary PTA Tax ID#(EIN)23-7037827. Check out our Fundraising FAQ, why we Fundraise, what we Fundraise for, or email fundraising@meyerholzpta.org with any questions. Thank you!

Payment is processed through PayPal but no account is required.  Credit cards are accepted. Please email fundraising@meyerholzpta.org  if you would like to pay via check or alternate methods.
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Recommended amount: Requested individual student goal is $300.
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Note: For families with multiple students, complete the form for the first student, click Donate, and on the PayPal page, click on "Continue Shopping" to return to this page to fill out additional students.

Donate to CUSD United to CUSD General Fund via CEEF

  • (2) CUSD United for CUSD General Fund via CEEF

    Cupertino Union School District has been, and continues to be, one of the lowest funded school districts in the state of California. This habitual underfunding has led the District to annually cut programs and resources, with these cuts now closer to the classrooms than ever before. Compounding the low state funding has been the significant decline in enrollment the past 5 years and forecasted to continue for another 5 years, which has led to continual structural deficits and poor fiscal stability. We do not want to continue with years of continued staffing cuts, budget cuts, school closures, and other end-game scenarios. We want our District, our children, and our community to thrive under the umbrella of solid fiscal solvency. To better understand this fiscal crisis, please visit: https://publicschool101.org

    Please join us in supporting stronger and healthier CUSD so that they can pay teachers comparable salaries, provide better services for our students, and continue to offer 99% of the services currently in place at each school site. Your funds are collected for CUSD United for CUSD General Fund via CEEF and disbursed directly to Cupertino Union School District general fund.  The recommended donation is $100 or more per student. DONATE HERE: https://www.ceefcares.org/cusdunited/

    For Corporate Matching look for CEEF EIN (Tax I.D.) # is 77-0073617

Include Membership with Donation

  • In addition to your donation to the Annual Fundraiser, join the PTA as a member too! Your membership gives you a voice to vote and helps support the educational goals of the school's teachers & administrators.  PTA Membership is separate from the Annual Fundraiser.  Please participate in both.  To join as a Member, click here where you have the option to add your Membership fees to your donation.