5th Grade Supply List*

  • Individual -  Label with Child’s Name

    1- 3 ring binder, 1.5-2 inches, without zippers, due to space constraints

    5 tabbed subject dividers

    Headphones/earbuds in a labeled container


    We recommend that you do not bring expensive items in case you lose them at school!

    Shared With Class - Do Not Label

    Pencil Sharpener with cup to catch pencil shavings (no motorized or battery operated)

    3 Erasers (Magic Rub white erasers are the best)

    3 Highlighters (different colors)

    Student scissors (5-7 inches)

    No. 2 Pencils (Ticonderoga is best! We would love as many as you are able to donate; you wouldn’t believe how fast they disappear! :) )-- NO Mechanical Pencils!

    Glue Sticks/Liquid Glue

    Post-its (3"x3")

    1 ream of white copy paper (8 ½” x 11”)

    1 container of cleaning “Green” wipes -- “Green Works” brand preferred! No Clorox or other antibacterial wipes, per state regulations, please!

    5 boxes of tissues (Again, you wouldn’t believe how fast these disappear!)


    *While state laws does not allow school districts to charge fees to students for educational materials/ activities, our program relies on financial contributions from participating families. Please know that purchasing the items on the list are not required, however, it will help sustain our program at its current level.