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    TypingClub is a typing and keyboarding website (and Chrome app) with lessons and incentives that help kids learn to touch-type (typing using all fingers, without looking at the keyboard). Kids progress through 100 levels of increasing difficulty, from the alphabet through numbers and symbols. Since there are 100 lessons to get through, difficulty ramps up slowly, making steady progress manageable for most students.


    For students to access TypingClub and synch with their school account please use this website: www.cusdk8.typingclub.com and login using their student Google account and password.


    On the iPad, the TypingClub app is called EdClub. After installing, the app will require the school code (cusdk8) for the first time only. Once the school code is set, The student will need to access the account by selecting the sign in by using their student Google account and password.