Second Grade Word Cloud
  • Welcome to second-grade—the land of responsibility-seeking, independent problem solvers! We are a seasoned team of educators who share a common vision of child development. We believe learners are empowered when we teach both social and emotional competencies in conjunction with academic competencies. We implement the principals, classroom practices, and strategies of the Responsive Classroom approach to teaching.

    We scaffold our curriculum—we use a variety of teaching techniques to support and promote a deeper understanding and a greater sense of learning independence in our second-graders' worlds. We strive to employ all of a student’s senses—visual, auditory, kinesthetic and tactile—acknowledging that everyone learns different things in different ways. It is important to us that students have opportunities to develop their self-confidence and a sense of belonging in our classrooms. True to a second-graders nature, we create opportunities for students to demonstrate responsibility and independence.

    Second-graders think of themselves as readers and writers. We support that concept through activities such as reading fiction, poetry, and nonfiction books and articles. Writing activities include publishing stories and poetry, writing reports, creating narrative and opinion papers and reflecting in their journals.

    Our problem solvers research, measure, sort, calculate, test and develop hypotheses. As artists, students have explored many media and forms including watercolor, chalk pastels, sculpture, and ceramics.

    We tap into students' curiosity through weekly sessions of Creative Explorations. Activities vary every year. Some previous examples have been finger weaving, making gak, "junk art," beading, kite-making and origami.

    Curricular topics have included: Family Heritage, Ocean Celebration, Balance & Motion, Pebbles, Sand & Silt, Learning to Code with Bee-Bots, Vehicle Challenge, Design Thinking, and Problem of the Month.

    Field trip experiences enhance student comprehension of curricular subjects and the connections to the world in which they live.  Examples of field trips we have explored are: Common Ground Garden, Project Look, Seymour Marine Discovery Center, Natural Bridges State Park, and Monterey Bay Aquarium.

    The second-grade staff meets weekly to discuss curriculum, grade-level activities, issues, and trends.  We truly enjoy exchanging ideas and “ah-ha” moments with one another. We are fortunate to work with experienced team members who enjoy the special, unique world of educating young people.