CLIP Mandarin Proficiency Assessment

  • After the first 10 days of instruction in 1st grade, all students entering CLIP must participate in a Mandarin proficiency assessment in order to demonstrate a minimum level of proficiency in order to ensure the best possible educational experience for all students. The assessment percentages for admittance can be accessed here. The student must perform at or above the listed percentage in each component of the assessment in order to be admitted. Each prospective candidate is provided the results of their assessment as compared to the minimum percentages for admittance. No additional feedback is provided.  We offer the opportunity to take the proficiency assessment once per enrollment period. 

    The CLIP staff regularly reflects, analyzes, and makes adjustments to the Mandarin proficiency assessment tool in order to ensure its validity and reliability. The specific tool is not public to protect the integrity of the process. However, the specific grade level expectations are available and useful for understanding what children are expected to know and be able to do in every grade.  These expectations are the foundation of each grade levels’ proficiency assessment.

    Grade Level Standards for Mandarin Reading

    Grade Level Standards for Mandarin Writing

    Mandarin Proficiency Assessment Percentages for Admittance

    Sample question types for the Mandarin Proficiency Assessment coming soon!