2018 - 2019 Committees

  • CommunicationsAkila Rao

    Operates to provide information and resources relayed by the PTA as website updates, calendar support and communication blasts.

    Graduation: **VACANT**

    Organize the Graduation Ceremony and Celebration Party for 8th Grade students

    Teacher Grants: Lisa Chiang, Chanchal Sahai

    The committee reviews the proposals submitted by teachers and staff for approval by the PTA Board to ensure opportunities are provided to a maximum level.

    Students/ Family Events: Shaila Hegde,

    Operates through the year with 6-7 target events for the students and families.

    Hospitality: Durga Muthusubramanian, Sudha Kudupudi

    Functions to organize back to school and staff appreciation lunches for the teachers and staff.

    Reflections: Durga Muthusubramanian, Sudha Kudupudi

    This a program run by the National PTA to promote Arts in Education. Lead volunteers manage the entire process from registration through judging and submitting select ones to the next level of competition. 


  • Copy Services: Vijaylakshmi Chodavarapu, Gita Rayanker, Anuradha Venkataraman

    One of the most essential classroom support services in the year. All volunteers including leads will be trained to use the copy machines.

    First Day Packets: Vijaylakshmi Chodavarapu

    Prepare copies of the forms and information fliers in the first day packet for the entire school in the week preceding the re-opening. Assemble into packages for each student. 

    Lost and Found: Theresa Sutton

    Organizes lost and found table on the last day of every month to ensure students can easily identify and retrieve their belongings.

    PTA Outreach: Preeti Balchandani

    Connects the Lawson PTA with the incoming families from feeder elementary schools to help them transition better.

     Family Math Night Team:  Anuradha Venkataraman