A Program Built on Parent Participation

  • Parents are an important and integral part of a child’s education. Parents support and continue the instruction started at school by the teachers. The teachers can’t do it all and need your help. Parents can help, whether at home or at school, or while staying at home or working. Research has proven that parents can make a significant difference in a children’s achievement at all ages, resulting in:

    -Higher grades and test scores
    -Better attendance
    -More positive attitudes
    -Higher rates of graduation
    -Enrollment in post-secondary programs


  • The Cupertino Union School District supports the program with teachers, facilities, and the English portion of the program.

    All aspects of the Mandarin portion of the curriculum must be financed by parent donations and other outside sources. Funds raised, primarily from direct donations by the parents and supporters of the program and educational grants, have financed the Mandarin curriculum, professional development, Mandarin specific classroom teaching materials, instructional aides in the classrooms, and Chinese cultural and enrichment activities.

    For more information about fundraising, see the website for CLIP's non-profit fundraising organization, CLIPCO.

Parent Commitment and Responsibilities

  • We believe a strong partnership between school and home is an essential component of our program and is key to our students’ educational success. We encourage students to remain in the program at least through fifth grade in order to gain the full benefit of the program. We hope parents will make this long-term commitment and be active participants in their child’s education at school and home.

    We strongly encourage every parent to be involved in their child’s education; to volunteer and be involved in our program and school; to ask questions when answers are needed; to raise issues with teachers and other appropriate individuals when problems or questions first arise; to become educated in the model of immersion education so sound decisions for the program can be made; and to support their children fully in the acquisition of both program languages.

Ways to Get Involved

  •  Cupertino Language Immersion Program Community Organization (CLIPCO)  

    CLIPCO is the non-profit fundraising organization that supports the programs in CLIP that are not funded by normal school district funds. This includes Mandarin curriculum, professional development, Mandarin classroom teaching materials, instructional aides in the classrooms, and Chinese cultural and enrichment activities.

     CLIP Advisory Committee (CAC)

    The CLIP Advisory Committee (CAC) was set up by the district to help make curriculum decisions with parent and teacher involvement.  CAC and CLIPCO work hand in hand each year.  The CAC board is composed of teachers, parents, and administration.  They present funding needs to CLIPCO, which in turn raises the money to cover those needs.

    Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

    The Meyerholz School Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is a group of dedicated volunteer parents and teachers who have the common interest of promoting the welfare of all children at Meyerholz — at home and in the community. The PTA supports students by funding various programs such as art and music education; funding enriching assemblies; supporting the library; providing for classroom supplies, along with a variety of other needs for the students at Meyerholz. The PTA also sponsors school-wide and community events. The money for these exciting activities is generated through PTA-sponsored fundraising events and direct donations from Meyerholz families.

    School Site Council (SSC)
    The Meyerholz School Site Council is another group of dedicated volunteer parents and teachers charged with providing input for the Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA). This committee meets on a monthly basis to review the implementation of the SPSA.  On an annual basis, this group provides voice in making modifications to the plan to reflect the changing improvement needs and priorities.

Resources for Immersion Families