Technology at McAuliffe School

  • Student use of Technology at McAuliffe School

    Our school is rich with technology for both our staff and our students to use. We believe that using devices compliments our constructivist approach to learning. The staff guides student exploration of curricular subjects through a rich variety of visual, auditory, kinesthetic and tactile experiences. Students have access to use computers, Chromebooks, iPads and projectors. Throughout the school, students are able to use devices to: explore engaging subject matter, seek meaning in data and information gathering, investigate different applications for expression, work collaboratively, showcase what they know, practice skills to supplement learning gaps, accommodate learning levels within a classroom and support learning differences.


  • Lower School

    Lower school teachers model and use technology throughout the school day. Teachers will use the internet to stream topical videos or to display a map for students to study. iPads will be used as document cameras to share collaborative projects or mathematical solutions with the rest of the class, projecting images to a screen in the front of the classroom. Students may use iPads for small group work, independent practice, or as a camera to capture the moment. With adult support, students will explore topics on the internet to supplement information derived from books as they compose reports.

  • Upper School

    Upper school teachers continue to integrate and model the use of technology in their instruction through such practices as streaming, showing videos, using slide decks, and iPad/document camera visuals. Students are encouraged to employ the use of technology as a tool in exploring and researching topics, documenting data, composing fiction and nonfiction papers, practicing mathematics, experimenting with and expressing creativity, taking photos to document science experiments, and more.