Science Olympiad

  • Science Olympiad is independent of school clubs. The teams consist of students who are passionate about getting together with other like-minded students to explore and study science, to design and build devices. Our teams are fully parent-funded and run by parents who significantly volunteer their time and resources to coach the team members.

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    Kennedy Middle School Captures National Science Olympiad Title Setting A Best Score Record!

    Top ten national event rankings are: 
    First Place:
    Thermodynamics:  Edwin X, Leelavathi S. 
    Write It Do It:  Audrey, Iona X. 
    Second Place:
    Experimental Design: Audrey H, Iona X, Michael S.
    Road Scholar:  Arthur Perng, Anish Bayyapu
    Science Quiz Bowl (trial):  Daphne G, Andrew Z, Pranav A.
    Third Place:
    Disease Detectives: Deetshana P, Angela Z.
    Parasitology (Trial): Eric J, Khedaar K.
    Roller Coaster: Anusha C, Jai S.
    Fourth Place:
    Anatomy & Physiology: Joseph L, Angela Z.
    Crime Buster: Leelavathi S, Iona X.
    Heredity: Aseem R, Varun K.
    Herpetology: Aseem R, Varun K.
    Meteorology: Deetshana P, Anish B.
    Fifth Place:
    Elastic Launched Glider: Joseph L, Michael S.
    Sixth Place:
    Circuit Lab: Amol R, Arthur P.
    Potions and Poisons: Amol R, Leelavathi S.
    Solar System: Aseem R, Joseph L.
    Seventh Place:
    Boomilever: Michael S, Audrey H.
    Dynamic Planet: Amol R, Deetshana P.
    Eighth Place:
    Density Lab: Edwin X, Anish B.
    Fossils: Aseem R, Varun K.
    Ninth Place:
    Game On: Arthur P, Anusha C.
    Tenth Place:        
    Battery Buggy: Leelavathi S, Anusha C.
    Team Captain: Aseem R.
    Co-Captain: Edwin X.
    Problem Solving, Design & Build Captain: Audrey H.
    Device Captain: Leelavathi S.
    Earth and Life Sciences Captain: Deetshana P.
    The Kennedy Science Olympiad team is coached by Queen-Lee Foo, team parents, and alumni including last year’s national medalists David S, Nishanth A, and Grace K.  Kennedy Science Olympiad team is supported by STEMBoost ( Mr. Aochi from Kennedy Middle School is the Faculty Advisor.