• Training Opportunities

    Take It Personally

    This six-session study group gives parents tips and tools to keep up with the fast changing growth of our children, tweens and teens. Each week, the group explores new ways to build stronger kids, stronger families and stronger neighborhoods. Data collected from our own Santa Clara county youth shows us eight ways to help kids succeed in school, in relationships and in life, while supporting parents!

    There are five study groups currently scheduled to begin in September and October (2018), hosted by neighboring school districts. All study groups listed are open to the public. Please sign up for your preferred location/time from the list found on the Project Cornerstone Website. If you have any questions, please contact Michelle Onishi at 408-351-6482.

    ABC Assets 101 Training

    Before reading in the classroom, ABC volunteers must attend either an ABC Assets 101 training or have attended a six-session Take It Personally (TIP) study group. The content of these training sessions provides a deeper understanding of the 41 assets that form the foundation of the Project Cornerstone objectives. Each book read in the classroom reflects on a number of the assets that have been identified.

    There are no training sessions currently scheduled for Lincoln Elementary so please check the Project Cornerstone Website for available sessions. There are currently seven sessions (September/October 2018) available for parent readers at the Project Cornerstone office and you are welcome to attend a training at one of the trainings listed.


    ABC Leadership Trainings

    ABC Leadership • Part One: will teach the basics of being a lead, how to report, recruit volunteers, and run a school site meeting. All leads should attend this basic training.

    Leading Asset Champions • Part Two: helps leads go deeper by listening to peer panel presentations about asset building, expanding ABC school wide, and building relationships. Both new and returning leads will benefit from this training.

    There are four ABC Leadership training sessions currently scheduled in August for the 2018-2019 school year. If you are a current parent volunteer and want to take your experience to the next level, please sign up for your preferred location/time from the list found on the Project Cornerstone Website. If interested in participating at this level but miss the August offerings, watch the Project Cornerstone website for more opportunities during the year.


    ABC Monthly Book Trainings

    These trainings are intended for elementary school leads to review monthly lesson plans, collaborate with other schools, and continue to learn skills to build the ABC program at their school. The sessions focus on books that will be read during the following month. Volunteers that attend these sessions hope to bring the information back to share at informal coffees attended by both reader volunteers and parents of Lincoln students that have an interest.

    In general, there are three training sessions each month to help understand the books read to students in grades one through five and one training session for the books read to kindergarten students. If you are a current parent leed, please consider signing up for your preferred location/time from the list found on the  Project Cornerstone Website.