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    Montclaire students will walk laps around a monitored course of approximately 1/3 mile to raise funds in support of the Montclaire Parent Teacher Organization (MPTO).



    Thank you for choosing to sponsor a student at Montclaire's annual Walk-A-Thon. Last year we raised $22,000 in Walk-A-Thon sponsorships and we hope to raise $25,000 this year. Walk-A-Thon sponsorships this year are due by Friday, April 12, 2019.

    There are two ways in which you can raise money for the Walk-A-Thon:

    • NEW this year! Personalized Fundraising Page

    This year, in addition to the paper form for collecting sponsorships, you will have your very own online sponsorship link to send to friends and family. Using this link will be the easiest and most efficient way to collect sponsorships. Sponsorships will be immediately tracked to your child's personal totals, and you will receive notification when someone donates. It will also help us keep track of class totals as students work toward their class goals. For your child to reach his/her fundraising goal, we encourage you to begin asking for sponsorships now. Start by sharing your link with friends and family.

    You will have received an email on March 25, 2019 with your child’s personalized link to Charity Web as well as more details. Please look for an email with the subject line **Your Personalized Walk-A-Thon Fundraising Link** from ‘Montclaire Parent-Teacher Organization’. Remember to check your junk/spam folders if the email skipped your Inbox.

    You can check the overall progress towards the fundraising goal, and the class totals on Montclaire WATSA 2019 page on CharityWeb.

    • SPONSOR FORM: As always, you can turn in a check along with your sponsorship form by putting it in the WATSA box in the school office. Please make checks payable to ‘Montclaire Parent Teacher Organization’.

    Remember that donations to MPTO are tax-deductible for the Walk-A-Thon and some companies may match and double a sponsor's donation.


    All walkers must have a signed permission slip in order to participate in the walkathon. Permission slips have been sent out via Informed K12 Forms on March 13th. The permission slips need to be signed online by both parent and walker in order to register to participate in the walkathon.


    Students receive incentive prizes or awards based on the sponsorship money they collect. In order for your sponsorship to count towards student awards, payment must be made by Friday, April 12th. Here is the list of incentive prizes.



    Enter your favorite teacher or staff member in the Teachers’ Raffle for a chance for them to win one of these great prizes! Here’s how it works:

    The Teachers’ Raffle operates like a traditional raffle.

    1. Tickets are $5 each or 6 for $20.
    2. Buy the ORANGE tickets from any raffle table that is selling ORANGE tickets or the roaming raffle ticket sellers.
    3. Write your teacher’s name and your name (or your child’s) on the ORANGE ticket. Please, one teacher name per ticket.
    4. Drop tickets in the “Teachers Raffle” ticket box at either the tech raffle ticket table or at the Teachers Raffle display table in the GLC.
    5. The drawing will be held after WATSA and the teacher-winners will be emailed with details the week after WATSA.  Winners will also be announced in the WATSA wrap up newsletter.

    Check out these fabulous raffle items!

    • Date Night - Movie and Dinner gift pack
    • Before & After School Gift Basket
    • Literary Love - Leigh’s Fine Books gift card & writing journals
    • 4 Individual Mani/Pedi gift cards with a bottle of bubbly (Loyola Beauty & Kayla’s)
    • Los Altos Grille Gift Card ($100)
    • Alexander’s Steakhouse Gift Card ($100)
    • Hawaii in Cupertino Gift Basket - Coconut’s Cafe Gift Card, Beach Towel, 4Ocean Bracelet, Reef Safe Sunscreen & Beach Bag
    • Sous Vide for Days Gift Basket - Sous Vide, Cookbook & Whole Foods Gift Card
    • Bath Pampering Gift Basket - Soaps, scrubbers and more!
    • Make Google Do It Gift Basket - Google Mini & Wemo Smart Plug
    • Make Amazon Do It Gift Basket - Echo Dot & Amazon Gift Card
    • 2 Individual $100 Lakeshore Learning Gift Cards
    • Ray Ban Sunglasses
    • Hikers Gift Basket - REI Gift Card, Water Bottle & Maps
    • Mystery Ladies Pampering Gift Box
    • Starbucks, Peets and other Fun Gift Card Bundles!

    A very warm thank you to all the families and businesses who generously donated the items above for our teachers.

    Sophie & Jon Bacaash
    Monica & Rishi Chandra
    Barbara Fu & Kevin Phan
    Emily Gearheart
    Eye Lite Optometry
    Robin & Brian Gold
    Semele & David Heller
    Kalpana Krishnamurthy & Siddharth Sheth
    Leigh’s Fine Books
    Christina & Wayman Leung
    Wendy Leung & Darwin Lui
    Kirsten Lundstrom & Leland Ho
    Fionna Mowat & Dan Harfe
    Breda Murphy
    Nina & Eric Quick
    Cathy & Tom Rohloff
    Pooja Shetty & Sam Mehta
    Louise & Ian Summerton
    Allyson & Rob Tobias
    Emma & Tom Tweddell
    Anna & RJ Vissers
    Sharon Francis & Mat Varghese


    We have a wonderful collection of toy bundles for all the kids to bid on. In addition teachers have donated exciting events for kids to bid on. The kids raffle operates like a traditional raffle as well.

    1. Buy GREEN tickets from any table selling GREEN tickets. Write your name and class room number on your ticket and place in Raffle Ticket Box of your choice.
    2. You can put in as many tickets as you like per box, but remember EACH ticket must have your name and classroom on it.
    3. Winners will be drawn every hour from each ticket box will be posted by the end of the WATSA at the Kids Raffle Table.
    4. Winners from the Teacher Kids Raffle parties will be notified after WATSA by their teachers.


    Please contact the Walk-A-Thon Chair, Priyanka Aggarwal (priyankabansal@yahoo.com) 


    Host Sponsor

    Andy Wong

    Gold Sponsor

    Dental Artistry                            WinMax

    Other Sponsors

    Keller Troyer  Valley Hema Lakhani Bellamy

     Underwriters underwriters