PTA Direct Donations Through PayPal

  • You can now donate to John Muir PTA by clicking on the link below. Your donation can be a one-time donation, or a recurring monthly donation. The PTA can provide a receipt to submit to your company if your company matches donations.

    Your donation goes directly into the MALT fund, which is the sole source of funding for our Art and TK-3 Music programs, and the partial source of funding for our Tech Specialist and our Library Media Clerk. Donations also go towards the PTA General Fund, which funds author visits, and other items and programs that help to make John Muir such a wonderful place for learning.

    The suggested annual donation amount is listed below. Please donate whatever amount you are comfortable with. Thank you for your continued support of John Muir.

    1 student @ $500, or $50/month for 10 months

    2 students @ $750, or $75/month for 10 months

    3 students @ $1000, or $100/month for 10 months


    DONATE to John Muir PTA