Earthquake Procedures

  • If an Earthquake Hits During School Hours:

    1. What happens first?

    Cover and hold procedures will happen in all areas of the school. When safe, evacuation will take place.

    2. Intensity of earthquake

    Depending on the severity of the earthquake, the students will remain in evacuation mode or return to class. If the earthquake is minor, students will return to class when they are told to, the evacuation is over and things resume as normal. If safety is a concern, staff will then have duties to do. Once student attendance is taken, the staff will jump into their designated emergency roles in the event of a disaster.

    3. How will parents be notified?

    If possible, we will choose email or text messaging as a primary form of communication. If the internet is not available, you can contact the District Office at 408-252-3000 to find out the status of our schools. Calling Stevens Creek may be difficult if we are in evacuation mode since no one will be in the office to receive calls. Please make sure we have current emails and phone numbers so that you will receive our automated notifications.

    4. What will the staff be doing if we evacuate?

    Staff roles include: First-Aid, Utilities & Hazards, Damage Assessment, Food & Water, Search & Rescue, Student Release, Student Supervision, Sanitation, Communication, Traffic Control and Shelter.

    5. What should I do?

    Report to the school. Be aware that you will not be able to drive into the driveway. The driveway will be closed to all traffic except for emergency vehicles. If you live close enough, walking would be best to reduce traffic in the neighborhood.

    6. Student Release

    IF YOU HAVE SOMEONE IN MIND TO PICK UP YOUR CHILD, THEY MUST BE ON THE ENROLLMENT/HEALTH CARD. If you are not sure or need to add someone to it, please come to the office and check. It is never too late to do so – an earthquake can happen at any time. Please be patient with our school staff as we carefully reunite each child with their parents. If the person coming to pick up your child does not speak English or is not comfortable with English, it is helpful to have a pre-written note with them that includes their name (we will check ID and emergency card) and the student’s name. EVERYONE MUST HAVE PHOTO ID.

    7. What can parents do?

    If you are willing to volunteer, there will be a place for adult volunteers to help out after an evacuation occurs.