• Timeline

    Sept 1

       Your account will be moved to Suspended mode (You will no longer have access, but your data isn’t deleted)

    January 1

       Your CUSDK8 account will be deleted and the data will no longer be available.

    • Use Google Takeout to save all of your Google Docs
    • If you have work on a shared document  - you can Make a Copy of that document and then do your Google Takeout!
    • Google Sites - You can transfer ownership and make a copy on your new Google account.  See below↓

    Google Sites:
    If you wish to make a copy of your Google Site on a personal GMail account before you leave the district, please follow the following steps:

    • Go to your current CUSDK8 site and log in.
    • Add your personal GMail account as an owner.
    • Log into your Personal GMail account and go to your CUSDK8 website URL.
    • Go to Settings - Manage Site.
    • Look for the Copy this Site button and make a new copy of your website.