• In December we completed our first set of stakeholder engagement activities and worked with our Strategic Planning Steering Committee to synthesize the data collected. We then presented plans for our next steps of community engagement to the Board of Education. Below are some of the findings:

    Student qualities that were identified as important across all stakeholder groups were:

    • Self-Directed

    • Creator/Innovator

    • Civic-Minded

    From these, the following three themes emerged:

    • Academic Rigor and Deeper Learning

    • Personalizing Learning

    • The Whole Child

    Between January and March, we engaged in a variety of community input opportunities where we explored the above qualities and themes, encouraging broad input and deep dialogue that helped us identify the essential areas of focus for our Strategic Plan.

    Town Hall Meetings

    The District held five Town Hall Strategic Planning Meetings where community members engaged in discussions related to SIX (6) common systems and strategies that lead to student success. 

    District Survey

    The District sent out a short survey to all parents and staff during the week of January 21, 2019, to gather input regarding the three qualities identified. 

    Student Focus Groups

    The District facilitated Student Focus Groups at all school sites with students in grades 3-8.

    Community Meeting

    Finally, in an effort to engage former parents, universities, businesses, the high school district, and alumni, the District hosted a broader stakeholder community meeting in late February.

For our Kids, for our Community, and for our World!

Six Drivers of Student Success

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