• Open Enrollment (new and current students)

    The Open Enrollment window was from February 24, 2020, through March 12, 2020, and a waitlist has been established. 

    If you would like to add your child to the existing waitlist, please CLICK HERE. Once you submit your request, your child will be added to the bottom of the existing waitlist. Access to the living waitlist numbers (links below) will be available for new applicants within three weeks of submitting the request. 

    The Open Enrollment lottery for the 20-21 school year has been completed and the living waitlist for all schools and all grades has been updated.  

    Over the next few weeks, we will continue offering alternative school spaces in other grades where space is available as well as neighborhood spaces, space permitting. Our highest priority at this time is to process as many open enrollment requests for siblings provided there is sufficient space.

    Anyone who applied for another school placement (neighborhood or alternative) through open enrollment during the 19-20 or 20-21 school year and did not receive an offer, will be able to access living waitlist numbers by checking HERE (waitlist.cusdk8.org).

    Parents checking living waitlist numbers will need to know their child’s six-digit perm identification number as well as the child’s six-digit birthday (mmddyy).

    Please understand that this is the most impacted time of the year for our Student Assignment Office and with staff working remotely, the best way to get questions answered is through email.  Please know that living waitlist numbers fluctuate based on acceptances and established priorities. We would suggest checking your waitlist number weekly for the next few weeks when many changes do occur. We update living waitlists weekly.

    If your child is on a living waitlist, please know that if a space becomes available for your child, the Student Assignment Office will reach out to you by email or phone.

    • Once a family accepts an alternative school placement for their child, the child is removed from all other waitlists and is removed from his/her current school of attendance.
    • If a family accepts a neighborhood school placement for their child, the child will remain on any alternative school living waitlist he/she is on.
    • If a family declines an offer for their child, their child is removed from that waitlist, but not other living waitlists.

    If you did not apply for another school during the open enrollment period, you will have an opportunity to apply on June 15, 2020. More details regarding this process will be posted on the website by June 1, 2020. 

Last Modified on August 25, 2020