CUSD Online Resources

  • The following list contains student websites and applications that CUSD currently holds a subscription with. Please note that some applications are assigned to specific students and not necessarily district-wide. Please check with your child's teacher to find out which applications are in use if the description states that access is limited. Some applications work on a web browser, others may require downloading an app. Please review the details of each link for the requirements.

    Student Login Credentials

    Several logins use the district login credentials. Typically this is the student 6-digit ID followed by "". Please check with your child's teacher if you need support with the password.

    Clever Login

    Click HERE ( to log in. Some students (typically primary grades) may be accustomed to using a badge with a QR code to help with the login process on Clever. For support in this area, please visit the Clever help website.


    When accessing the list below, please make sure to use the embedded scroll bar. If the below table fails to load, you may access the table directly here.