At-Home Resources

  • Families often ask how to support student learning at home. Below is a list of websites and apps that we think you may find useful. Some applications work on a web browser, others may require downloading an app. Please review the details of each link for the requirements. If you are seeking tools to complement learning or fuel your child’s creativity and curiosity, you may want to check the list of Best Apps recommended by Common Sense Media.

    We encourage you to review this list and consider which (if any) of these tools would be appropriate for your child. The intent behind this listing is to provide convenient information; but in no way constitutes an endorsement, recommendation, or favoring by the Cupertino Union School District of any particular program(s) listed. Cupertino Union School District does not inspect or visit the programs or providers and makes no statements as to the quality of any one program. The choice to use these tools is your responsibility; therefore, we strongly suggest you learn more about the programs by visiting each program. Please review the privacy policy and terms of services of each tool prior to determining whether or not to allow your child to use these tools. If you decide to use these resources, please supervise your child to ensure that the experience and content match your hopes and expectations.

    When accessing the list below, please make sure to use the embedded scroll bar. If the table below fails to load, you may access the table directly here.