CUSD COVID-19 Re-opening Metrics

  • Metric 1:  Level of Community Spread 

    • Santa Clara County officially is in the Green Tier, and all staff at the school site have had the opportunity (eligibility and access) to be vaccinated at the recommended dosage and waiting period OR Santa Clara County is in the Orange or any lower Tier, regardless of the availability of vaccines.

    Metric 2:  Staffing Level

    • Parent commitments finalized (# students in-person and # students DL only)
    • COVID-19 testing available for employees at no cost 
    • Requests for leaves/accommodations addressed and implemented
    • Classroom and support staff fully in place (may include subs)

    Metric 3:  Campus Readiness

    • All school sites certified by Santa Clara County Public Health
    • Site and District checklists completed. No outstanding critical needs.

    Metric 4:  Success of Current Phase 

    • No campus closures due to COVID cases for the prior 2 weeks
    • Overall positive feedback (anecdotal) from staff and participants in the current phase; concerns addressed prior to launching the next phase


    Green = metric met.