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Board Office Hours

The Board recognizes the important role communication and accessibility play in the establishment and maintenance of a strong, positive and trusted relationship with the CUSD constituents. Board Office Hours (BOH) are created to provide a forum outside that of a Board Meeting for the Board and interested community members and CUSD staff to exchange meaningful and constructive dialogues regarding the education of our current and future students.

To ensure compliance with the Brown Act, no more than two Board Members will be present at any Office Hour, and no decision will be made by the two Board Members in attendance.

2023-24 BOH Dates

For CUSD Community:

   September 28, 2023    6-7 pm

   December 11, 2023    9-10 am

   March 7, 2024    6-7 pm

   May 16, 2024    9-10 am


For CUSD Staff:

   September 20, 2023    4-5 pm

   December 6, 2023    4-5 pm 

   March 20, 2024    4-5 pm

   May 15, 2024    4-5 pm