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Superintendent's Award

The Superintendent's Award recognizes students who

  • take ownership of their learning
  • are deep, critical thinkers, strong communicators, collaborators, creative and civic minded problem solvers,
  • show innovation and seek out challenges while working in collaborative teams to deepen understanding and solve complex problems,
  • are self-directed students who are intrinsically-motivated, curious, confident and inspired, often considering the greater good and working toward common goals and community benefit,
  • are a joyous, engaged learner;

and staff who

  • (in addition to the above for STUDENTS) works with passion and feels a profound connection to the school and District,
  • is loyal, productive and psychologically committed to ensure the continuous high performance and success fo the school and District,
  • takes pride in and ownership of their work.

Six Award Celebrations are scheduled for the 2022-23 school year (all Wednesdays, 6:00-7:30 pm):

Middle School and Feeder Schools Date of Celebration Venue
Cupertino,  Nimitz,  Stocklmeir,  West Valley October 5, 2022 CMS Event Center
Hyde,  De Vargas,  Eisenhower,  Sedgwick November 9, 2022 Hyde MPR
Kennedy,  Lincoln,  Stevens Creek January 18, 2023 Kennedy MPR
Lawson,  Collins,  Eaton,  Garden Gate February 1, 2023 Eaton MPR
Miller,  Blue Hills,  Dilworth, Miller March 1, 2023 Dilworth GLC
Faria,  McAuliffe,  Montclaire, Muir,  Murdock-Portal April 5, 2023 McAuliffe PAC

Highlights of the Recognition Celebrations