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History-Social Science

The aim of Cupertino Union School District is for students to learn about the world and their place in it, to develop inquiry-based critical thinking skills, to build reading comprehension and expository writing skills, and to understand the importance of civic engagement.

History, civics and government, geography, and economics are integral to developing students' understanding of the physical world, encouraging participation in our democratic system of government, teaching about our past, informing financial choices, and improving their ability to make reasoned decisions based upon evidence. The development of literacy skills plays a vital role through emphasis on text, argumentation, and use of evidence.

Aligned with the California History-Social Science Framework, we prioritize the importance of inquiry-based instruction for student learning through critical thinking, understanding relationships between events, chronological understanding, and understanding perspective and bias, and corroboration. Students ask substantive questions about historical topics, analyze primary and secondary sources, organize and evaluate evidence, construct explanations and arguments, and finally share their work then listen to critiques in order to  refine their arguments.

Lynn Shimada, Director, Instructional Leadership & Intervention
408-252-3000 extension 61-147