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Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Citizenship

Do you check on each kids history as to what they download or go to which websites while at school?

  • While at school, we block students from visiting inappropriate sites via Google SafeSearch and through our CIPA-compliant content filter. With the Securly web filter, not only is the internet access filtered, you have the option of viewing the browser history when they are off the school network.

Elementary and middle school kids are not mature enough to control themselves. Electronics addiction has been a serious problem.

  • We believe that there should be a gradual integration of the technology into the curriculum paired with lessons in digital citizenship. In order to prepare students for future learning and work, they will need to learn how to interact in a digital world. Students need instruction on how to use technology appropriately; we believe that by appropriately introducing technology at gradual levels, we are doing our best to prepare our students for the future. Please check out Common Sense Media’s website for family resources.

On average a kid with electronics for about 53 hours/week is really a shock to me! I do not know how to understand this number. Please schools do not plant our kids in front of screens!

  • This is from a national survey looking at how much time students are watching TV, videos, and using smartphones, tablets, and computers, both at home and at school. Our goal is to structure instruction to include technology where appropriate and allow students to learn beyond the classroom walls, however we also recognize this must be a partnership with parents. We wanted to draw your attention to the amount of time your child might be in front of media so that you can have a conversation about balancing their exposure. On our website we have several activities you can do with your child to help them understand how best to achieve this balance.


Technology Integration in Instruction

It feels like technology is not applied evenly in all the schools in the district? Does someone review the soundness of the instructional quality of what the individual teachers come up with in their classrooms or are the teachers left to their own to decide that?

  • We are working with each school to identify and pair teachers with professional development and coaching opportunities to help ensure that the devices are used effectively. Instructional practices are constantly monitored by site administration.

Heard a lot about how tech is used, but what about value and effectiveness of tech usage to improve student intellect and achievement?

  • There have been a few studies done to measure this impact. We would refer you to a study in 2012 measuring the impact on engagement, collaboration, and differentiation in preK-4th grade students.

How are you evaluating the effectiveness of specific software tech in improving quality of education?

  • Evaluation of specific software can be problematic since no tool is used in isolation. We are looking for changes in instructional practices in the classroom. Additionally, we may look at usage metrics and compare with achievement to see if there is a likely correlation.